Homeroom is back for another round!

First-year undergrads: familiarize yourself with the campus while meeting new people
August 26, 2021
By Josie Fomé

A laughing woman and man sitting at desk in front of laptops.

Starting university is never easy, especially in our current reality. Know that you don’t have to go through this important period alone.

Homeroom, an initiative for first-year Concordia undergraduate students, provides a space for you to connect with others. Student facilitators guide you through what it takes to have a successful and meaningful first year. Topics of discussion range from stress management to the best form of communicating with your professors.

Homeroom sessions will be held throughout the school year, starting September 13.

The weekly one-hour sessions will take place virtually, so all you need is an internet connection and a computer.

“A pattern I have noticed is that whatever the weekly topic is, I can apply it to my academic life and my personal life.” says Audrey Albert, a first-year Homeroom participant. “For example, although we talk about confrontation styles with group projects in mind, I can later use the same knowledge to better my personal relationships.”

“I wish more people knew about Homeroom. I’ve learned, to be less judgemental of others, to compromise and to listen more actively,” says Zoe Marner, a former participant studying creative writing.

“Starting online was nerve-wracking, as it was a new university with new people, and many of us don’t know anyone. Homeroom forced us — in a good way — to talk to new people and to become comfortable with Zoom meetings and lectures,” she notes.

“It also showed us how easy it can be to ask for help. This has most definitely helped me in my courses in terms of interacting with peers and professors.”

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