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On course to begin our return to campus

Learn more about the measures at the core of our roadmap to a safe return
August 11, 2021
By Student Communications

Dear students,  

The Government of Quebec has officially given universities the green light to begin returning to campus in person this fall. More than 80% of university students in Quebec already have a first dose of vaccine against COVID-19 and plan to get their second dose soon. We welcome this encouraging news and we can’t wait to see you back on campus. 

Mindful of the threat of new variants, Concordia is maintaining its prudent approach, with health and safety directives linked to the specificity of our campuses. 

Measures at the core of our Roadmap to a Safe Return include: 

Masks and physical distancing in classrooms

  • You must wear a procedural mask in classrooms.  
  • You will not be required to maintain physical distancing in classes where all the students are wearing masks.  
  • For courses that require significant movement or interaction, you can remove your mask only when you can maintain a minimum two metres of physical distance at all times. 

Masks and physical distancing in other spaces

  • Wearing a procedural mask is mandatory at all times in all indoor, shared spaces like hallways and elevators.  
  • Expect to also maintain two metres of physical distance in high-traffic areas where crowding or line-ups could occur, e.g., lining up to get your student ID. 
  • In labs and studios, you can remove your mask when you are able to stay at least two metres away from others 
  • When the Library fully reopens fully on August 16, you must wear a procedural mask at all times. 

You may need to be vaccinated to participate in extracurricular activities where physical distancing is not possible, including sports. As we learn more about this government directive, we will let you know how it may be applied. 

A mix of online and in-person activities

Physical distancing requirements mean limits to the number of students who can be in any space at the same time. As we announced in June, the fall 2021 term will be a combination of in-person and remote work, with many opportunities for on-campus activities. Each Faculty determines which of its classes will be online, in person or blended. The fall class schedule is now mostly final. 

Vaccination efforts remain key

Keeping everyone safe is a shared responsibility. A key step in fighting the spread of variants of the virus (and diminishing their impact) remains vaccination. If you haven’t yet, book an appointment to get vaccinated now.   

Additional resources

We appreciate that returning to in-person activities can be stressful. These resources can help: 

Questions? Contact us

The public health situation continues to evolve and we thank you in advance for your understanding as we adapt our plans.  

We are committed to keeping you updated. For any questions related COVID-19, please consult the FAQs available on the Concordia website, or send an email to

Please keep well and take care of yourselves.

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