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Smell something phishy? Don’t miss the new Cyber Awareness Training

The online module aims to help Concordia faculty and staff judge the validity of email communications
June 17, 2020
By John Longo

In February, Concordia offered its faculty and staff a quick, interactive, online cybersecurity training module. The course was designed to help assess community members’ knowledge and complete their understanding of issues like data breaches, hacks and ransomware attacks.

As a continuation of this initiative, an additional module is now available from the university’s training partner, MediaPro.

Faculty and staff can access the course by logging in to the MyConcordia portal and clicking on the Cyber Awareness Training link in the left-hand menu. The link will bring users to a secure MediaPro site, where they will be prompted for their Concordia net name and password.

Don’t take the bait!

The new module covers a variety of threats — from spam, to phishing, to targeted spear phishing campaigns — that Concordians may encounter in their email inboxes.

The 20-minute course provides key information to help identify warning signs and characteristics of suspicious email. It aims to help users assess the validity of incoming communications.

In addition to the training, faculty and staff will have an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge outside the course. In the coming months, the university will undertake randomized tests to gauge the strength of the course and find out where more guidance is needed.

All Concordia faculty and staff are encouraged to take the time to complete the training course, to help protect their personal information as well as university data.

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