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Senate reaffirms Concordia’s unifying values

The university's academic governing body passes a motion on the proposed Bill 21
May 21, 2019

In response to concerns expressed by members of the Concordia community regarding the implications of the proposed Bill 21, and at the suggestion of the Concordia Student Union, Senate adopted a resolution reaffirming the university's unifying values at its May 17 meeting.

The resolution

Whereas Concordia University represents a broad range of nationalities, cultures and faiths which cohabitate peacefully; 

Whereas this diversity is a great strength and contributes to the vitality of the University and Quebec society;  and

Whereas members of the Concordia community have expressed concerns that the proposed Bill 21 (An Act respecting the laicity of the State) and its regulations may limit access for graduates to jobs in some fields and prevent students from completing their education in some programs at the University;

Be it resolved that Senate reaffirm the unifying values of Concordia University and its founding institutions as a secular university which is profoundly dedicated to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and access to higher education; 

Be it further resolved that Senate object to any actions that infringe upon those values.


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