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Lauren Farley is Concordia’s new director of Residence Life

The alumna wants to create the best possible experience for students living on campus
May 7, 2018
By Christian Durand

Alumna Lauren Farley (BA 09, MA 18) has been named director of Residence Life.

Since August of 2014 Farley has served as manager of Residence Life, overseeing a team of student staff members and managing the daily operations of Concordia’s residences that serve 600 students.

Farley has played a leading role in planning diverse educational programs and social activities, as well as in creating collaborations with other university services to provide resources and support to student residents.

“Lauren’s leadership has been invaluable during a time in which our residences doubled in capacity,” says Lisa Ostiguy, deputy provost. “Her continued commitment to the wellbeing of our student resident population and deep knowledge of how residences operate at Concordia will serve her well in her new role.

“I would also like to thank D’Arcy Ryan, outgoing director of Residence Life and current director of Recreation and Athletics for the amazing accomplishments he achieved during his tenure.”

Putting a premium on the person

Farley’s guiding mission in her new role will be to create the best possible experience for Concordia’s diverse resident population. This means fostering an environment that supports their academics, mental and physical wellbeing, and their connection to community.

“Many of the students who live in residence are on their own for the first time,” says Farley.

“This is exciting but also daunting, especially at a large university in a big city. We work hand-in-hand with our student resident assistants to create an environment that is supportive, inclusive and fun.”

To ensure success and a smooth transition, Farley and her team also focus on the individual needs of this diverse community.

“We see each resident as a unique individual. Part of this means connecting them with campus services that will help them achieve their goals whether they be personal, academic, professional or otherwise.” 

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