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CU pride: ethical fashion, Concordia-style

Try the new capsule collection on for size
February 6, 2018
By S. Baker

Concordia Stores launches a Capsule Collection in stores on February 5.

Got a Concordia hoodie and sweatpants, but want something more appropriate to wear to an upcoming interview? Concordia’s Book Stop Boutique has you covered! 

This week, Concordia Stores is launching the capsule collection, a new line of clothing that allows students to wear their CU pride professionally, and with sophistication.

Melanie Burnett, interim general manager for Concordia Stores, says that although sweatpants and hoodies still have a place on campus, she wanted to create pieces that were classic, timeless and could be worn anywhere.

The collection consists of a variety of unisex sweaters and polo shirts. The collection consists of a variety of unisex sweaters and polo shirts.

“The concept behind this collection was to create a higher-end line of clothing that students could wear to academic events, recent graduates would want to wear to job interviews and alumni could add to their wardrobe to proudly represent their alma mater,” she says. 

The collection consists of a variety of luxury sweaters and polo shirts in navy blue, burgundy, charcoal and white, featuring either a small capsule collection label or a simple embroidered “C.” Accessories include a high-end leather portfolio, a passport holder, a weekend bag, a luggage tag and a variety of S’well reusable water bottles.

Display your #CUpride in a professional and sophisticated way.

“The price point for these items is a bit higher than we’ve had in the past,” says Danny Kane, manager of General Merchandise. “But the quality of the items is higher and we’ve focused on using brands that fit within our ethical ethos.”

Kane explains that Bruzer and Cutter and Buck were selected as vendors due to their Fair Labour Association membership and their beliefs in providing responsible and ethical work environments for all employees. Additionally, S’well promotes eco-friendly, BPA-free products that are sustainable, and the company continues to give back to communities in need.

Luxury brands were selected based on ethical considerations. Luxury brands were selected based on ethical considerations.

Concordia Stores seeks vendors that strive to maintain sustainable social and environmental business practices.

"We believe in providing a responsible and ethical work environment for our employees, and we expect our suppliers to uphold similar values,” Kane says.

Check out the capsule collection at the
Book Stop Boutique or Concordia Stores


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