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Looking to boost your study skills? Check out 8 essential workshops

SIGN UP: From note-taking to navigating databases, Concordia librarians can help you raise your game
January 25, 2018
By Andrea Cameron

Andrea Cameron is Concordia Library’s teaching & learning librarian

If a researcher makes a claim in a peer-reviewed article and on their blog, are they equally quotable? How do paywalls and filter bubbles shape information access?

A new series of Concordia Library workshops, run by subject librarians, offers ways to negotiate the new media landscape while enhancing your research skills and information literacy.

Information literacy powers civic engagement 

Librarians can help you navigate the rigours of academic assignments and understand the importance of peer-reviewed research. They can also assist you in acquiring the necessary skills to master databases.

But beyond teaching fundamental skills needed to excel at university, librarians can provide you with the information literacy necessary to become fully engaged in today’s publishing and political landscape.

This is especially important given our 24/7 news cycle and the ensuing need for critical evaluation of the information available at our fingertips.

Workshops that address students' needs

In January 2018, Concordia students entering the Webster and Vanier libraries were asked what they found challenging about library research and what they would want to learn in a library workshop.

The top answers were: using search engines/databases, searching for good academic articles, finding books and citing.

Concordia Library’s workshops combine these skills with critical thinking. Plus, each workshop ends with an optional 20-minute discussion period during which you can bring up any specific research questions you might have. Registration is open and the workshops run until February 20. Sign up now!

Register for a Concordia Library workshop online. For additional information, contact Andrea Cameron at: andrea (dot) Cameron (at) Concordia (dot) ca.


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