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Get the most out of your communications efforts

How to ensure publications and social media are in line with Concordia’s updated policy and procedures
September 20, 2016
By Shelagh Peden

The Communications and Print Graphic Standards Manual outlines the specific guidelines for using the university logo and other graphic identifiers. The Communications and Print Graphic Standards Manual outlines specific guidelines.

Your department is taking part in a national conference and they’ve asked you to provide a logo for the brochure. Or your director wants a poster designed for an upcoming event. Do you know where to turn?

As tempting as it may be to send whatever file you have on hand, or to throw together a poster in Microsoft Word, the best course of action is to contact University Communications Services (UCS).

This is the department responsible for maintaining a uniform and cohesive presence both in print and online, as outlined in Policy SG-4, which was approved by the Board of Governors in May.

The updated web and logo policy clearly outlines responsibilities for web pages, domain and suffix domain names, social media and mobile apps, as well as the permission required to use the Concordia name and logo.

The policy links to two other equally important documents: the Communications and Print Graphic Standards Manual, which outlines the specific guidelines for using the university logo and other graphic identifiers, as well as design parameters and the use of photography, and the Procedures Handbook, which outlines how the internal community can obtain communications support.

These three documents apply to all products, such as banners, posters, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, letterhead, web pages and videos, and outline the visual identity the university wants to convey with the use of the logo, specific colours, tone of voice and editorial style.

By collaborating with UCS, you can help the department achieve its goal of reflecting Concordia as a next-generation university — one that is creative, urban, bold and engaged.

Read the policy
and download the brand standards manual today. Feel free to share them with your colleagues! These documents guide you through our processes and will help ensure we are all working toward the same goal.

Contact University Communications Services today:

Graphic files, such as logos, visual identity graphics, videos: Veronique Verthuy, brand and studio manager,

Web communications, including web updates, mass emails, search engine optimization, social media and web analytics:

News, including the university’s official style guide, event listings and digital screens on campus: Arwen Fleming, news and information coordinator,

Media relations, including media training and becoming a topic expert:


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