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Fall budget tips: textbooks ... or winter boots?

This month, get advice on how to cover your expenses
August 3, 2016
By J. Latimer

Concordia students ponder their options in 1972 | Courtesy of Records Management and Archives Concordia students ponder their financial options in 1972. | Courtesy of Records Management and Archives

After squirreling away money all summer, most students think carefully about where to allocate their financial resources.

If you’re constantly wondering where your money is really going and are unable to afford the things that are important to you, it’s time to take stock. Should you spend your hard-earned money on textbooks, new winter boots or a trip to Barbados with your roommates?

The way you’re spending your money may not be lining up with what matters to you most. That’s why the Financial Aid and Awards Office offers a workshop called Budgeting to Your Values.

It helps students identify what’s really important to them, make realistic spending decisions and learn about the various available budgeting tools. Students who wish to create budgets can make follow-up appointments with a Financial Aid advisor.

The 2016 workshops will run on August 24, 25, 30 and 31.

To register for the workshops, please email


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