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Smart homes and search-and-rescue drones

VIDEO: Capstone projects show off undergraduate engineering research
March 31, 2015
By Andy Fidel

All final-year students in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia must complete a Capstone project. It’s a chance for them to participate in leading-edge research while working in a team to design something from scratch. It also tests their project management, technical writing and presentation skills.

Watch the short video about this year's Capstone event:

The student projects in the video are, in order of appearance:

  • Orchestr8 (musical transcription and interpretation)
  • Gesture-controlled Robot 
  • BAJA (off-road racing vehicle)
  • S.A.R.A. (search-and-rescue aircraft)
  • Smart Home System
  • AIAA Design Build Fly

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