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How HR supports Concordia managers

Human Resources has services to assist you at every step of your professional journey
March 3, 2015

Give HR a call with your management questions Give HR a call with your management questions. | Photo by Concordia University

This is the third article in a series about the services and support Human Resources offers staff and faculty at different stages of their career. Watch Cspace in the coming weeks for the rest of the series.

There are many joys and challenges that come with managing a team. Working together with the talented and diverse professionals of Concordia is a satisfying experience.

Whether you’re a new manager or have years of experience, HR offers services and support to managers across the Concordia community. Here’s how.

1.    Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting new talent, the university’s great reputation does part of the job, but the HR Employment and Organizational Effectiveness team also plays a key role in attracting the best and brightest to Concordia. 

The team helps managers craft a job posting that will catch the eye of the best-qualified candidates. It then

reviews the many applications that are received, winnowing them down to the most suitable individuals. From there, the HR team coordinates the selection process, from interview to testing, providing managers and employees with the tools they need and acting as a liaison between the concerned parties.

Once your new employee is onboard, the Employment and Organizational Effectiveness provides managers with support and resources for welcoming that person to the team or back from leave. Alternatively, they can help during the departure of an employee for another position or to go on leave.

Read more in What HR can do for you: from recruitment to professional development.

2.    Supporting your employees and meeting objectives

There may be times when meeting operational objectives and balancing each team member’s unique background, experience and approach can add complexity to the workday. The HR Employee and Labour Relations team makes things easier by offering support and even training for managers.

Managers can call the Employee and Labour Relations team for advice about:

  • performance management
  • attendance management
  • managing in a unionized environment
  • how to support employees in their work environment
  • how to recognize and prevent harassment and more

Understanding agreements, contracts and time sheets

Working as a manager in an environment like Concordia comes with unique challenges. For one thing, the university has part- and full-time staff and faculty members who work under a variety of contractual arrangements and collective agreements.

Each one of those agreements comes with its own set of rules and clauses, so ensuring that they’re all respected can become overwhelming for managers — especially when they’re also dealing with complex situations like reorganizations.

Employee and Labour Relations team members can provide advice to managers on the interpretation and application of Concordia labour agreements and various workforce legislation such as the Act Respecting Labour Standards, the Charter of Human Rights and Liberties and the Labour Code.

Contact the Employee and Labour Relations team at 514-848-2424, ext. 3662, or send an email to

4.    Compensation

The HR Compensation team offers all managers with direct reports advice about compensation for non-academic positions and administrative positions in the academic area.

The team is responsible for ensuring that Concordia:

  • respects the salary administrations provided for in collective agreements
  • is compliant with all laws about paying employees, including
    • the Quebec Pay Equity Act
    • minimum wage regulations
  • takes into consideration internal and external market data in its level of compensation for employees
  • provides fair, competitive and equitable compensation, based on job functions, qualifications and responsibilities.

The team also develops compensation programs and policies for academic and non-academic administrative positions at the university.

Questions? Contact us

For more information, contact Human Resources by phone at 514-848-2424, ext. 3666, or by email at

You can also visit us in person in Room FB-1130, Faubourg Tower (1250 Guy St.). To save time, make an appointment in advance.


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