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Concordians invited to propose candidates for an honorary degree
September 9, 2014

Source: University Communications Services

Stuart McLean was a recent recipient of an honorary doctorate Stuart McLean was a recent recipient of an honorary doctorate.

The Honorary Degree and Convocation Committee (HDCC), a joint Board and Senate committee, is asking members of the Concordia community to nominate potential honorary degree recipients.

All nominations for honorary degrees will be screened by the HDCC, and approved by the Board of Governors upon recommendation of Senate.

To be eligible, a nominee must meet at least one of the criteria set out in the honorary degree guidelines. These include eminence in a field of activity or profession; outstanding public or community service; and a significant connection or benefaction to the University.

Nominators must complete and sign the Honorary Degree Nomination Form.

While nominations are welcomed throughout the year, please note that to be considered by the HDCC this fall, they must be received no later than October 14, 2014.

Please submit nominations to:

Danielle Tessier
HDCC Secretary
Room GM-801-43, Guy-Metro Building, 1550 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Sir George Williams Campus

Or via email attachment to

Recent recipients of honorary doctorates include broadcaster Stuart McLean, journalist Chantal Hébert, neuroscientist Bryan Kolb, WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky, and art critic and curator Chantal Pontbriand.

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