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5 Days for the Homeless: contribute now

Student-powered campaign needs your support to meet its $30,000 goal
March 19, 2014

This year’s 5 Days for the Homeless team
This year’s 5 Days for the Homeless team was joined by former Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque (back, centre). Photo by Anna Gunaratnam

Cross-campus efforts and celebrity appearances have bolstered the fundraiser, but the 5 Days for the Homeless fundraiser is still striving for its $30,000 goal.

Every March since 2008, Concordia students have participated in the national campaign by living on the street while continuing their studies.

This year has seen a blossoming of participation across the university’s Faculties and student groups.

Contribute now to Concordia's 5 Days for the Homeless campaign.

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