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How to get the funding you need

Concordia’s research facilitators can help turn your ideas into a successful application
January 14, 2014
By Christian Durand


Groundbreaking research is the cornerstone of any successful academic career. But no matter how brilliant an idea may be, securing funding and institutional support to move it forward can prove tricky.

Agencies are contending with diminishing resources, funding allocations are forever in flux — and application processes aren’t getting any easier.

But there’s good news for Concordians: researchers in all Faculties can draw on the experience and expertise of the university’s research facilitators (RFs).

Few people understand the ins and outs of funding as well as Dominique Michaud, associate director of Research Development in the Office of Research. She outlined the four basics of a successful application. 

1. Make a research plan

An idea is one thing — a project is something else. To get from one to the other, you’ll need a research plan that you can show to a funding agency.

RFs can advise you on how to align your projects with today’s institutional and educational priorities. That way, you’ll be able to deliver the type of proposal that the funding agencies are looking for.

2. Edit and ask for feedback

Even a strong research idea is doomed to fail if the project is not presented clearly and concisely, or doesn’t adhere to institutional and agency guidelines.

RFs offer an informed assessment of your proposal, expertly edit and comment on it, and provide advice on how to address the evaluation criteria that will be critical to its success.

3. Keep an eye on the requirements

Like research itself, funding agencies evolve with time. Programs and guidelines are periodically reviewed, and they do change. New funding envelopes are regularly created, too.

As a researcher, you’ll need to be aware of these developments and craft your proposals accordingly. RFs are abreast of the latest agency trends: they will ensure that any idea you submit meets all the expected requirements.

4. Find out what else is out there

Concordia is a big place, and it offers a slew of resources that can help push your research forward.

RFs are positioned between their respective Faculties and the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies. As such, they can help identify university resources you can draw on to support your projects and proposals.

Book an appointment with an RF in your faculty.

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