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Concordia policies are there for you

Policies provide community members year-round support
November 26, 2013

2013 policy awareness campaign The 2013 policy awareness campaign has ended, but the benefits continue year-round. | Photo by Concordia University

This article is the fourth and final in a series that explores important Concordia policies.

Over the past month, we’ve profiled a few of the key policies you should be aware of as members of the Concordia community. While the 2013 policy campaign ends here, this doesn’t mean your responsibility for awareness ends too.

We hope that over the last few weeks you’ve come to recognize that all the policies, not just those outlined during the campaign, are important. That’s because they’re meant to make sure that the rules and regulations are applied equally to all members of the Concordia community and that our rights are protected and upheld.

There are more than 130 university policies in place to help guide you through your working life at Concordia. The polices don’t all apply to everyone, but just being aware of them and where to find them is a good start. We encourage you to review the list of all the polices here.

Understanding the policies that apply to you benefits the entire Concordia community because they can help you navigate through uncertain situations and can provide support to help you come to a positive solution.

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