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In photos: The new, improved DeSève

Renovations elevate theatre to film-festival standards
October 9, 2013
By Anne-Marie Curatolo

Film students returned to class in an upgraded J.A. DeSève Cinema this week, after four months of renovations. The J.W. McConnell (LB) Building theatre’s new audiovisual, sound and lighting technology promises to offer a top-of-the-line viewing experience.

Here’s a look inside.


With the replacement of its 20-year-old screen, the DeSève is now fully digital. It aligns with Digital Cinema Package Standards.



The sound system is vastly improved, with panelled acoustic walls and surround speakers.



A new energy-efficient LED lighting system allows for much more control and flexibility: different areas of the cinema can be lit simultaneously, including the podium, stage and audience.



The DeSève’s 160 seats are now equipped with self-storing writing tablets, as well as plug sockets for electronic devices like laptops and cameras. Numerous access points have also been added, resulting in improved wireless coverage.



Messy wiring has become a thing of the past with the installation of a forward-thinking cabling schema. It allows for the transmission of audio and video feeds from anywhere in the room.

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