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Get students recognized with CCR

Get students recognized with CCR - Co-Curricular Record makes it easy to validate volunteer work experiences


Concordia’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official transcript recognizing the volunteer work, community activities and internships that students complete during the course of their studies.

Better than a single letter of recommendation, it documents students’ history of engagement outside the classroom all in one place, showcasing the practical skills and experience they develop and the positive contributions they make to the community while participating in campus life.

The CCR is not only a great addition to resumés for attracting employers but can help students stand out from the crowd when applying for grants and bursaries, graduate school or fellowship opportunities.

New and improved

Since launching the CCR in 2011, Student Services has been hard at work improving its platform and streamlining the process for validators to confirm completed projects.

The online database has been upgraded and “How-to” guides show you how easy it is to give students the credit they deserve for their commitment to getting involved.

Contact Paul Goubko at the Dean of Students Office to learn more about submitting your projects or validating student requests for recognition.

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