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A race across Canada? Amazing!

Concordians encouraged to take part in Amazing Race Canada
February 7, 2013
By Media Relations

Imagine seeing Canada’s wonders first-hand. From Vancouver Island's temperate rainforest, to the barren tundra of the north and the fjords of Newfoundland, this is a country of jaw-dropping vistas. A new television show is now giving Canadians – and Concordians – the opportunity to travel from coast to coast to coast.

Producers of the Amazing Race Canada are hoping that Concordia students will apply in teams of two to take part in a televised month-long race around the country. In addition to having a strong personal connection with each other, racing partners need to be articulate, competitive, outgoing and adventurous. Teams must be willing to exert themselves by taking detours, handling roadblocks, and rising to other challenges as they race around the country, enduring approximately 28 days in various conditions, environments and climates within Canada.

If you think you have what it takes to win the Amazing Race Canada, throw your hat into the ring! Visit the Amazing Race Canada for details. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2013.

And be sure to keep Concordia posted about your progress along the way by tweeting @Concordia or sending a message through Facebook to let us know you’re applying!

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