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Concordia adjusts student accounts to reflect rollback in tuition fees

The Government of Quebec has officially notified the university of the cancellation of base tuition fee increases for the 2012-13 academic year
November 1, 2012

Concordia has adjusted all student accounts after receiving official notification from the Government of Quebec that the base tuition fee increase of $8.47 per credit for the 2012-13 academic year has been cancelled. This means student accounts have been adjusted by $127.05 for full-time students registered for 15 credits in the fall term.

If there is a credit on the account, created as a result of adjusting fees, this will be automatically applied to future fees. In this case, no action is required by students.

Alternatively, students can apply for a refund of $10 or more by submitting a request online through the MyConcordia student portal. For refunds of less than $10, students must go in person to the Birks Student Service Centre.

Refunds of more than $10
Students whose student account shows a credit of $10 or more can apply for a refund by submitting a request online through the MyConcordia student portal. Once logged in, students can find the refund request form under the menu item, Student Account Services.

Refunds of less than $10
Refunds of less than $10 will only be refunded by Interac (debit card) at the Birks Student Service Centre, located in Room LB-185 in the J.W. McConnell Library Building (1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.), Sir George Williams Campus.

Refunds related to scholarships, bursaries and loans
When a student requests a refund for a credit balance created by scholarships, bursaries, loans or other student award disbursements, the request will be fast-tracked. Students who have a credit balance of more than $1,000 have two choices:

  • Request a refund by Interac (debit card), but only for a maximum of $1,000, at the Birks Student Services Centre, and submit an online request form for the remaining credit balance to be refunded by cheque; or
  • Submit an online request for the full refund.

Refunds by international wire transfer
International students requiring a refund by an overseas wire transfer must complete an online wire transfer refund request form, available on the MyConcordia student portal, under Student Accounts Services, Wire Transfer Refund Request.

A refund by international wire transfer is normally processed within 10 business days of the student's online request. At the start of each term, there may be delays for wire transfer refunds similar to cheque refund requests made during peak periods.

Please note that students must assume the cost of the wire transfer. This means the cost of the wire transfer will be deducted from the refund owing.

Students also have the option of leaving a credit on their student account, which will be automatically applied to fees owing for the next term.

Cheque refunds are normally mailed within 10 business days of the student’s online request.  However, refunds for the current academic term are processed only after the deadline for DNE and may take longer to process during peak periods.

Cheque refunds are automatically made payable to the student unless the request indicates that the cheque should be made payable to a third party, such as a parent or spouse. In this case, students must provide the name and address of this third party.

How to access your student account
Visit the MyConcordia student portal landing page to log in. Then look under the MyConcordia menu and click on Student Account Services. You will find your account under the section, Student’s Account.

For more information
Please contact Student Accounts at 514-848-2424, ext. 4900 or by email at

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