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Financial Aid and Awards opens office on Loyola Campus

Services available to help students search and apply for awards
August 14, 2012
By Lesley De Marinis

Helping students get a solid financial footing at the beginning of term is part of the services offered by Concordia’s Financial Aid and Awards Office. The good news is that students can access services on both campuses.

As of August 15, a new office will open on the Loyola Campus in the Dean of Students Office in the Administration Building, basement level. This is in addition to the office on the Sir George Williams Campus. Students can visit either location for assistance in searching and applying for financial assistance, as well as to obtain information about government loans and work-study programs.

“There are numerous external award opportunities with many organizations making funds available to financially assist students,” explains Stephanie Sarik, director of Concordia’s Financial Aid and Awards Office. 

The Financial Aid and Awards Office lists many opportunities on its website. Others are listed within search engines dedicated to award information, such as Scholarships Canada.

Corporations, foundations and trade unions are just some of the organizations that offer bursaries. “You have to try to find the right match between each award’s criteria and your own profile,” she says.

“Keep in mind potentially useful connections when you’re doing a web search,” Sarik adds. “Many companies provide scholarships for the children of their employees, and some community associations favour particular areas of study, or a sport, hobby, or other passion that you might have in common with their members.”

It’s never too early to look for available funding, Sarik emphasizes. The search should begin as soon as individuals decide they want to go to university.

“Even if it’s too early to formally apply for the funding, knowing what’s available and required will improve your chances of success,” she says.

The Financial Aid and Awards Office will hold workshops on August 21 and 23 for students. “We’ll discuss budget planning, the availability of undergraduate awards at Concordia, external funding opportunities, as well as government loans and bursaries,” Sarik says. “Our aim is to help as many students as possible to start the year on solid financial footing.”

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