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Concordia waives application fee for Incomplete notations

May 15 is the deadline for undergraduate students to apply for INC notations
April 13, 2012


The vast majority of Concordia students and departments has been unaffected by recent protests against the Quebec government’s planned increase in tuition fees.

In the minority of cases where significant or persistent disruptions have occurred, the university has worked, and will continue to work, with departments to arrive at appropriate accommodations within the framework of academic policies and regulations. Faculty members (whether full- or part-time) have been informed of the grading and evaluation options available to them within the university’s regulations.

Due to the exceptional circumstances that have occurred this term, Concordia is waiving the $20 fee charged to undergraduate students applying for late completion, Incomplete (INC) notations, for current winter term courses (three credits) and fall/winter courses (six credits).

The application deadline remains May 15, 2012; however, all academic requirements must be completed by May 30, 2012.

Application process for Incomplete (INC) notations

Applying for an INC notation is a two-step process for an undergraduate student:

  1. The individual instructor must agree to allow the undergraduate student to submit the required work or write the examination past the published deadline.
  2. The undergraduate student must submit an application by May 15, 2012, for winter and winter/fall courses ending this winter 2012 term.

Applications for an INC (late completion) are available at the Birks Student Service Centre.

INC applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Information for graduate students

During the period of protests, faculty members were asked to report disruptions to their department chairs and deans. To date, very few disruptions have been reported at the graduate level, and they were localized within a few programs.

The offices of the Dean of Graduate Studies, Provost and Faculty deans have been working closely with department chairs and faculty members in affected units to address situations involving specific courses, and to make faculty members aware of available options that can be considered for altered assessment mechanisms.

Since situations vary from class to class, and given that appropriate evaluation metrics are determined by individual instructors, it is the responsibility of individual instructors to communicate with students if there are any modifications to requirements in their courses.

Graduate students who feel that their coursework has been disrupted by the protests are encouraged to speak with their instructor to explore potential accommodations that are consistent with university policies and regulations.

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