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Marc Gauthier appointed university treasurer

Newly created position part of Concordia's plan to streamline financial management operations
December 15, 2011
By Tom Peacock

Concordia’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Kelley has appointed Marc Gauthier to the position of treasurer. The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for oversight of the university’s financial assets and liabilities.

“This office essentially serves as an investment responsibility centre,” says Kelley. “Marc and his team will oversee the financial aspect of the university's benefit, investment, corporate risk, capital and financing portfolios.”

Concordia’s new treasurer, Marc Gauthier | Photo by Concordia University
Concordia’s new treasurer, Marc Gauthier | Photo by Concordia University

Gauthier holds a BComm in Finance and a BComm in Accounting from Concordia and a Certified Management Accountant designation from the Ordre des comptables en management accrédités du Québec (CMA). Over his 22-year career at Concordia, he has held numerous positions in Financial Services, including senior financial analyst, and Director, Restricted Funds and Finance.

For the past five and a half years, he has been Executive Director, Finance and Business Operations in the Services Sector, overseeing its operating and capital budgets, business operations (Hospitality Concordia and Campus Retail Stores), the pension plan for Concordia employees, the university’s group insurance plans, and the university’s insurance portfolio.

Under Gauthier’s leadership, the Service Sector’s business operations realized significant improvement in profitability as well as the sector’s operating budget. Gauthier also designed and implemented many new institutional wide strategies.

“I am very grateful for the outstanding work and performance Marc has achieved in the Services Sector,” says Roger Côté, Vice-President, Services. “He has significantly improved the performance and efficiency of the units within his portfolio by his hard work, innovation and dedication to Concordia.”

Gauthier brings a team of three colleagues to the new Office of the Treasurer: Sara Deschamps, who will serve as the office’s administrative assistant; Maryse Picard, who will serve as administrator of the benefit portfolio; and Jean-François Baril, who will serve as corporate risk manager.

As a result of Gauthier’s departure from his previous position, Côté will move to fill the position of Executive Director of Budget Planning and Controls for the Services Sector.

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