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Event to launch eight new books

Department of Religion presenting recent works
February 2, 2011

Eight different faculty members in the Department of Religion will celebrate the publication of their most recent volumes at a joint book launch hosted by the department on the seventh floor of the Henry F. Hall Building.

The books, in both French and English, address a range of issues and communities including the Jewish population of Montreal, religion along the Silk Road in a pre-globalization context, and a volume on Hindu traditions recently published by T.S. Rukmani, who holds the only community-endowed chair in Hindu Studies in North America. All the authors will be present at the launch, and books will be available for purchase.

This is the second such launch hosted by the Department of Religion. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. on February 7 in the Henry F. Hall Building, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Room H-767.

The titles of the books and authors are:

Vivre Ensemble : Croyances et sciences en terre laïque
by Michel Despland

Encounters of Consequence: Jewish Philosophy in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
by Michael Oppenheim

Les communautés juives de Montréal : Histoire et enjeux contemporains
by Pierre Anctil and Ira Robinson

From Critical Theology to a Critical Theory of Religious Insight: Essays in Contemporary Religious Thought
by Marc P. Lalonde

Religions of the Silk Road: Premodern Patterns of Globalization (revised 2nd edition)
by Richard Foltz

The Joyful Child
by Norman Ravvin

Samnyasin in Hindu Traditions: Changing Perspectives
by T.S. Rukmani

The Nuwaubian Nation: Black Spirituality and State Control
by Susan Palmer

RSVP to no later than Thursday, February 3.

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