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Penny jar works its magic

The unique fundraiser may become an annual event
November 2, 2010
By Shelagh Peden

The lovable guys in Distribution Services are credited with going beyond their duties with this one.

Over the past few weeks, the Magical Penny Jar has made its way around both campuses of Concordia University. While the 60-litre glass jug was heavy on its own, it invariably got heavier and heavier with each donation, requiring the muscles of Distribution to move the jug from one location to another.

The back-breaking work was worthwhile. What started as a departmental collection in Hospitality Concordia grew to a grand total of $694.69. Raffle tickets, sold for $1 for a chance to guess how much was in the jar, raised $70, which was added to the $624.69 raised in donations to the jar.

Carolina Willsher, Associate Vice-President of Human Resources, came closest with a guess of $681, and John Wojciechowicz from the Libraries and Michelle Provencher from Human Resources won second and third place. The prizes were a haircut from Salon Guy, and totes from Baggage Guy Metro and the Concordia Bookstore, along with an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Nancy Curran beams, “We are so thankful to have these dedicated employees in the university.” She goes on to thanks Ken Bissonnette of the Bookstore, who was kind enough to count the contents of the Magical Penny Jar, as well as volunteers who gave up their lunch hours to keep watch over the valuable jar, as well as folks from the Bookstore, Security, the Registrar’s Office, the School of Extended Learning and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and to all donors.

Despite the heavy lifting required, it is hoped the Magical Penny Jar will make the rounds again next year. The funds raised will be distributed by the Dean of Students’ Office.

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