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New Xerox agreement benefits university

Printing agreement to save money, paper, energy.
October 26, 2010
By Shelagh Peden

Existing multifunction printer-scanner-copiers will soon be replaced at Concordia with the latest machines from Xerox. The new equipment is part of a five-year agreement with Xerox that promises to save the university money, paper and energy.

The decision to sign the agreement, which includes services for students, results from a bidding process undertaken when the agreement with previous supplier, Ricoh, expired September 1. The new agreement runs until April 30, 2015.

Printing is expected to cost less for a number of reasons: Less outsourcing to external copy shops, reduced use of expensive personal printers, duplex (two-sided) printing by default, the new equipment requires less energy than existing machines, a centralized call centre and automatic billing, and a built-in dispatching system will refer high-volume jobs to the Digital Store with new high-capacity equipment.

Students will be given the ability to print from a ‘cloud’ (acquiring documents over the internet from any location) on any self-serve device by using their student cards, which have printing accounts that can be pre-loaded either online or through loading machines on campus. During the transition phase, however, old copy cards will continue to be used.

Marc Gauthier, Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations, says, “Our relationship with Xerox provides not only state-of-the-art processes and technology, but also true partnership in our core values including sustainability. Xerox leads the way in the industry by providing environmentally friendly solutions and services. As we grow into our partnership, we will look to Xerox to support our shared focus and to continue in our goals of maintaining a cost-effective, productive and optimized print environment.”

Daniel Houde, Director of Campus Retail Stores, will be communicating shortly with department heads in order to plan the next steps.

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