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Kim Sawchuk

Creating Change in Public Consultations
Posted on February 14, 2018

Kim Sawchuk, Professor of Communication Studies, investigates the complex questions around age, ageing, and its cultural impact. In particular, her research asks what it means to age in a society where the pressure to become digital is becoming necessary for full participation in public life. She is also the Director of Concordia’s Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT) Project.

Recently, Professor Sawchuk worked with Concordia’s engAGE: Center for Research and Aging on a letter to Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante enumerating how the consultation process for the Municipal Action Plan for Seniors did not take into consideration the accessibility issues of seniors. This letter continued to receive a significant amount of media coverage, and also led the municipal government to add an English forum and answering service to the consultation process. Outlets included, the National Observer, ici Radio-Canada and Global News

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