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Meet the Graduate Recruitment Team

The John Molson graduate program recruiters share what makes JMSB special to them
December 14, 2020
By Keum-Yeo Anna Brochet, Beth McKenna, Chris Wise

What is the John Molson School of Business (JMSB)? To many who look at it from the outside, it stands as a giant, located right downtown Montreal in the incredibly lively Quartier Concordia. Many view JMSB a next-generation school with beautiful facilities where new technologies and industry-leading research are made available. Many view it as a location that hosts experiential classes and daring networking events, a place to connect students, faculty, staff and professionals under one roof to tackle and discuss difficult business challenges. As we enter our seventh month away from our downtown facilities, we have come to realize that JMSB is so much more than a location and a building. JMSB is a community, one that is defined by its incredibly caring, resilient and adaptable members. To find these qualities, you need to look no further than our current students who are constantly on the look out for ways to get involved and to make a positive impact on the business world. You will find these qualities in our management and staff, who have adapted quickly to the new online reality in order to deliver an outstanding educational experience to our students. Finally, we are confident you will see these qualities in the next generation of incoming students. After all, they choose to study with us for this exact reason!

Meet the team

Our team plans and executes the recruitment and marketing strategy for all graduate programs (MBAs, Research-based Masters, Graduate Diplomas and Certificates) at the John Molson School of Business. Simply put, we spread the word locally and internationally about JMSB and recruit engaged and dedicated individuals who embody the school’s spirit. We then guide them toward the program that is best suited for their academic and professional goals by providing key program information and connecting them to our student community. Here is what each of us has to say about #IAmJMSB.

Keum-Yeo Anna Brochet Keum-Yeo Anna Brochet

Keum-Yeo (Anna) Brochet
Manager, Graduate Recruitment & Marketing

I have worked in the education field for more than 10 years and what I like most about student recruitment is the opportunity to connect with incredibly talented and passionate individuals and to be a witness to their academic and professional career growth. I joined JMSB only a year and a half ago, but was immediately impressed by how humble, hard-working, empathetic and talented this community is. To me, JMSB represents the future of business: a business world in which doing good is in direct correlation with doing well. One of my favorite examples of this is the integration of a Community Service Initiative class in our MBA program, where students are tasked in helping NGOs, NPOs or schools with their strategy skills to have a positive impact in the community. I am also inspired daily by the collaborative nature of my JMSB colleagues and learn from them a little each day (even as we are now apart because of COVID-19!). All this to say, I am extremely proud to be part of this community and can’t wait to share more stories about them!

Beth McKenna Beth McKenna

Beth McKenna
Graduate Recruitment Officer

13 years ago, I made the move to Montreal to pursue a career as a jazz saxophonist, receiving a B.Mus and B.Ed from McGill. During my studies at McGill, I evolved what turned into a promising career in student recruitment, recruiting some of the world’s best musicians or the Schulich School of Music. After graduation, I worked as a freelance musician and high school teacher before being hired by Concordia in 2016 and making the move to JMSB in my current role in April 2017.

JMSB encourages all applicants from any background to consider applying for graduate studies in business. I’m proud to reflect those values in my own background. In my role, I meet students each year from a wide variety of backgrounds who are at the same crossroads I was in looking in transitioning my career years ago, and unaware of how an MBA can escalate their career in many directions. Helping candidates reach their goals and watching them flourish during the program within such a hands-on, flexible and in-demand program is one of the most rewarding parts of my work. I am proud of the climbing ranking of the JMSB MBA and the reputation it has developed on a global scale with employers and students.

I love being a part of students’ success, and seeing students through from being prospects, to welcoming them once accepted, to watching them graduating from the program into great positions and new career tracks. The community (faculty, staff, students) here at JMSB is vibrant, collaborative, engaged, supportive and very close-knit, developing tomorrow’s global business leaders here in Montreal.

Chris Wise Chris Wise

Christopher Wise

Like Anna, I am also relatively new to the JMSB team, but have quickly felt at home within this dynamic group of students, faculty and staff. My favourite part of the job is meeting prospective students from home and away, and helping them to discover whether graduate studies and the John Molson School of Business is right for them.

Before arriving at Graduate Recruitment and Marketing, I followed a non-linear trajectory. Having lived, studied and worked abroad helps me relate to different people and I can recognize the weight of importance behind significant life decisions, like deciding to pursue graduate studies. What’s more, I had a long break before deciding to pursue higher education and so I can relate to people who may be tentative and unsure about the benefits of taking on a rigorous business program.

I enjoy showcasing the strength of our programs, the passion in our students and faculty, and the success of our alumni. Looking ahead, our up-and-coming business students are creating their own space and opportunities to have an impact on and redefine the business world. I feel proud to be a part of their own trajectory to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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