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Meet Funmi Ajike

The recent John Molson graduate reflects on what it means to be JMSB
November 11, 2020

JMSB alumna Funmi Ajike

In 2017, my first-year self arrived at the JMSB atrium with its high ceilings, and high expectations to match. I had the promise of a great university education and experience ahead of me, and now looking back with hindsight, I can say that the promise was kept.

My learning experience at JMSB took me outside the classroom and beyond the pages of my textbook to the intersection of real life and academia, where I encountered the best challenges, and consequently the most growth.

I experienced the real-world business landscape through a myriad of opportunities including case competitions, student associations, business conferences and internships, besides the projects and activities already embedded in my program.

More than anything, my time at JMSB meant the opportunity to make meaningful relationships in every sphere and context. From students who have now become dear friends, to professors and other university staff who have become career mentors and close contacts in my personal and professional life.

When I think of what it means to say that #IAmJMSB, I think of people and experiences, which highlights the fact that I am part of something more personal and greater than just a structured organization or formal institution for higher education.

I realize that I’m part of a special group of people that share similar life and learning experiences as me, but also each have their own unique impact in the local and global community.

The thought of this gets me excited because I’ve seen the influence of alumni in the past, and the current potential of my peers at present.

All of this to say, I can only imagine what’s more to come from JMSB in the next decade and beyond.

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