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Meet the Career Advisors

October 20, 2020

This week, we turn the microphone to the invaluable team at the John Molson School of Business’ Career Management Services (CMS). They play a crucial role in a student’s career path. As Career Advisors, they have the unique opportunity to learn about a student’s goals and ambitions to help them identify key skills they can highlight to potential employers. The direct interaction with students is only one facet of what CMS offers.  In addition, they offer students several resources, trainings, and a multitude of networking events which offer exclusive recruitment opportunities with their wealth of industry partners.

Mary Wargachuk

Mary Wargachuk

As a part of the CMS team for over 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals that not only pride themselves on providing the best possible assistance and services to students but also are constantly trying to improve in those areas. Working in this type of team motivates me to consistently perform at a high level and challenge myself to improve my contributions to the team as well as to the students who use the services provided by CMS.

Another important part of my role as a Career Advisor is working with the student associations for my disciplines (JMAS and JHMA). Every year the student leaders take on new challenges and continuously set the bar higher for what the association can accomplish. The work ethic and determination of JMAS and JHMA students makes me proud to be able to collaborate so closely with them.What is truly rewarding is working with students and witnessing their progression from the moment they first meet with me to when they graduate and have successfully found a great career opportunity.

Being able to build and maintain strong relationships with the students and student associations which choose to work with CMS is important to me, personally, and the CMS team as these students go on to represent the John Molson School of Business in industry and are our greatest ambassadors. Helping students find the right opportunity in industry and seeing them achieve a high level of success is probably the most satisfying aspect of my role and is a major factor in keeping a high level of motivation to improve CMS and helping students.

Bob Menard

Bob Menard

What I have loved most about working at Career Management Services (CMS) at the John Molson School of Business over the years is all of the professional and personal connections (not to be confused with ConneXions) I’ve seen happen, and been part of. 

I remember having been at CMS, and Montreal for that matter, for only a few months and introducing the first Goodman Institute of Investment Management student that I worked with to one of the very few financial services contacts I had at the time, leading them to land their first industry job.  Since then, I’ve seen the efforts of so many of my colleagues, students and alumni, and industry partners come together over the years to make strong, meaningful relationships.

I’ve also had the pleasure to witness quite a number of couples meet in their classes, fall in love and then graduate together – some now with children who will likely be starting at John Molson in a few years. And it never fails to impress me how willing and able our staff, administrators and professors have been to help anytime I’ve needed it.

Without all of these various connections that I have been fortunate to witness and/or be part of, I wouldn’t be able to proudly state - #IAmJMSB!

Susanne Thorup

Susanne Thorup

The year I started at JMSB I got to see what these amazing students are really made of. One of the early success stories that I witnessed, was that of Finance student Alexandre Hebert who really wanted to get into Capital Markets. He worked harder than I have seen anyone work at networking, improving and competing. He was also totally resilient when he didn’t get what he wanted the first few tries. We worked together for a year and half.  By his final year he ended up landing the sole full time role in Investment Banking with UBS in Toronto, beating out every other candidate within Canada. Alexandre specifically came my office to tell me in person. He drew out the story to make me nervous, before finally giving me the good news. The laughing and cheering (and maybe a few tears) that came from my office that day reinforced that this is truly a special place to work.

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