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Academy of Marketing Science honours John Molson's Michel Laroche

Concordia professor is this year's winner of the Harold W. Berkman Service Award
August 13, 2019

Michel Laroche, a professor in the John Molson School of Business’s Department of Marketing and Royal Bank Distinguished Professor is this year’s recipient of the Academy of Marketing Science’s Harold W. Berkman Service Award.

The award recognizes long-term service to the Academy of Marketing Science and to the marketing discipline in general, and is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated their accomplishments through their actions and statements, and have at all times acted with integrity and high ethical standards.

The Academy of Marketing Science Foundation is an international, scholarly, professional organization, dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge and the furtherance of marketing practice through a role of leadership within the discipline of marketing around the world.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the American Psychological Association, the Society for Marketing Advances, the Academy of Marketing Science, and a Concordia Research Fellow, Laroche has received several research and service awards over the years, including the Hans B. Thorelli Award in 2016, which is awarded by the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Marketing.

Laroche’s main research interests are in the areas of communication, consumer behaviour modelling, culture, neuromarketing. retail, Internet and services marketing.

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