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JMSB Takes Home Second Place at the Jeux du Commerce 2012

January 18, 2012
By Yuri Mytko

Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business (JMSB) took home second place at the Commerce Games (Jeux du Commerce), held this year at Université Laval in Québec City from January 5 to 8, 2012.

Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business (JMSB) took home second place at the Commerce Games (Jeux du Commerce), held this year at Université Laval in Québec City from January 5 to 8, 2012. Over 1,000 students from eastern Canadian universities participated in this competition, making it the biggest commerce competition in eastern Canada. The weekend-long competition put the participants’ skills to the test in a variety of categories which included academics, debate, stock simulation, sports and social. The JMSB teams’ strong performances and team spirit earned the delegation the runner-up spot behind the winners from Ottawa University’s Telfer School of Management and ahead of third-place Université Laval.

Congratulations to the entire delegation, all of whom contributed to the overall second place finish. Below is a list of participants and their results:

Final Overall Results:

  1. Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
  2. John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
  3. Université Laval


International Business Danièle Brissette-Lalonde, Mark Donohue and William Garnett
Coaches: Jason Nelson and Kevin Gardner-Gregory
Social Justine Bussiere, Benjamin Dumas-Boisvert, Andrew Lorant and Kristyna Spooner


Finance Samer Balaghi, Michel Berger and Samuel Nasso
Coaches: Reena Atanasiadis, Amr Ezzat and Thomas Horvath
Entrepreneurship Erik Choquette, Shireen Salehi and Stefan Vatchkov
Coaches: Peter Vogopoulos, Claudio Forlini, Stephani Ciotti and Phil D’Angelo
Soccer Alessandro Pedicelli, Amanda Curzi, Anna Chmielowski, Fabio Macera, Julien Saleh, Katerina Fragos, Kyle Prillo-Guaiani, Leander Kotsopoulos and Paul-Michael De Petrillo
Coach: Jonathan Caputo
Dodgeball Alex Darvill, Justin Cassir, Krista Sawers, Leia Pengelley, Robert Beauregard, Ryan Amsden, Ryan Ruffner, Steven Rassi and Victoria Fowler
Coach: Maxime St-Laurent


Human Resources Alana Des Coeurs, Maxime Defoy and Catherine Richard
Coaches: Aaron Dresner and Savvas Pilarinos
Tax Ranjit Girn, Lucie Keuyalian and Eric McDonald
Coaches: Tara Ramsaran, Basel Arafe, Martina Petrova and June Svetlovsky
Congratulations to all other competitors who helped JMSB reach their second place overall standing.

Michael Bellows, Gabrielle Dionne-Boivin and Joelle Gourdji
Coaches: Peter Dedicik, J.S. Belanger and Kyle Britton
Accounting Veronica Perez, Mariann Rossi and Tarun Suri
Coaches: Gail Fayerman, Patrick Gagnon, Audrey Landry and June Svetlovsky
Supply Chain Operations Management Julien-Pierre Bolduc, Zuzanna Chudzinski and Ana-Maria Movila
Coaches: Mahesh Sharma, Caster Parham and Kalil Diaz
Management Information Systems Alexandre Tomovic, Yi (Peter) Zhang  and  Cristina-Mirela Busoi
Coaches: Ian Selvarajah and Hadi Azar
Strategy Haby Diallo, Alexander Robinson and Anna Vinitskaia
Coaches: Jessica Andrews and Christian Bonneau
Stock Simulation Dany Asad, Arthur Grabovsky, Yashu Joshi and Giacomo Maggiore
Debate Valérie Lemaire, Scott Carr, Adam Castonguay & Danny Shakibaian
Coach: Chris Daigle
Tchoukball Terrence Dobson, Simon Chamberland, Alvy Mizele,  Matthew Arsenault, Zak Lupu, Francois Letendre-Joachim, Jenna Yee, Beatrice Ip Yam and Frédérique Dufort-Plante
Coach: Amine Ouadahi
Special thanks to:

Coordinator Stephanie Laurin
Advisors Nick Henderson and Marianna Luciano
Ambassadors Gabrielle Faraggi (JMCC President), Anthony D'Urbano, Gabriel da Silva, Julie Chamberland, Michael Lombardi and Michal Karwowski
Volunteers Ariane Beaulieu Sirois,  Xavier Freedman,  Miyoko Fulleringer and Kristen-Chantelle Woo

The John Molson Competition Committee would also like to extend a special thanks to Head Coach and Advisor to the Competition Program, Mark Haber, for his commitment and his contribution to the program.

The Committee would also like to thank its exclusive sponsor Pfizer Canada for their support of the competition program.

For more information about the Jeux de Commerce Competition, please contact the John Molson Competition Committee at . For more information about the John Molson Competition Program please click here.

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