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CCCA Canadian Art Database NEW artists and works

January 8, 2015

Founded in 1997 by Bill Kirby, and produced in cooperation with artists, dealers, publishers, cooperatives, and festivals, the CCCA Canadian Art Database is the go-to electronic resource for visual and textual information on post-WWII Canadian art and design. Acquired in 2012 by the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art at Concordia University, the CCCA Canadian Art Database will continue to be freely accessible to researchers, teachers, students, collectors, curators, and interested members of the public in Canada and worldwide. The CCCA Canadian Art Database, in all its possibilities, is flourishing in its new home, thanks to the ongoing involvement of its founders and users.

These new artists have been added to the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art's database
Robert Houle

Shaun Morin
Mélanie Rocan
Douglas Smith
Eva Stubbs

Other artists added in 2014
Lois Andison
Aliana Au
Louis Bakó
Aganetha Dyck
William Eakin
Cliff Eyland 
Ivan Eyre
E.J. [Ted] Howorth
David McMillan
Nancy Paterson
William Pura
Don Reichert
Dominique Rey
Diane Whitehouse

New works by these artists have been added to the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art's database
Adèle Duck

Gertrude Kearns
Manuela Lalic
Bernie Miller

Other works added in 2014
Robert Achtemichuk
Aliana Au
Ed Bartram
Kathryn Bemrose
Robert-Ralph Carmichael
Karen Cornelius
Christos Dikeakos
Christopher Lea Dunning
Janet Jones
Gertrude Kearns
Miklos Legrady
Bill Lobchuk
Peter MacCallum
Richard Mongiat
Pam Patterson
Don Reichert
Ruth Scheuing
Yvonne Singer
Jeff Thomas
Kate Wilson
Robert Young



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