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How to log in to Office 365 ( or

By Marcello Rodi

Login to to have access to Office 365. From there, you’ll be able to download and install the Office applications. If you have trouble, open a ticket by emailing and faculty accounts:

Students automatically get a account and you should use that one for any software access you need from the university. The alias ending with is just confusing.


Then you’ll be redirected to a Concordia branded login


Once here, you’ll use and your netname password.

For students, please use your netname and password.

Once logged in you can install the desktop apps such as Word, Excel, etc.

You’ll have an online documents folder (OneDrive) where all your files can be saved. You can view the folder, right-click on a file and choose to delete, download, rename, etc. You’ll also have most of these options after selecting the file in a menu style ribbon (see image below).


For the OneDrive (folder) application, you can sync between the online folder and your desktop folder. You have to be careful though when using it the first time as it is usually not on by default. When choosing to sync as in the image below, it might or may not ask you how you want to sync, i.e. which direction. It may just think that the online OneDrive folder is the primary folder and proceed to make your local desktop OneDrive folder the same, removing any file that is not included online.

The solution is to temporarily move all local OneDrive files to your desktop or documents folder, turn on the sync online and then move everything back into your local desktop version of OneDrive. It should then sync properly and whether you add files online or from your desktop, you should see them in both locations.



If you get the screen below when first trying to authenticate on an Apple device, choose the second option.

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