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File sharing using web client

*Your CDA account password is not necessarily the same as your Netname password. To syncronize them, go to CDA's My Account page and reset your password. This will make your CDA password the same as your Netname password. If you change your Netname password after that, your CDA password does not change and remains the same until you reset it on CDA's My Account page.

The easiest way for students and faculty to connect to our File Sharing Services (Class Shares or Home folder) is to use your favorite web browser.

Go to:

For staff needing access to office files, please visit this page.

Once you login, you will only see shares/files that you have permission to access.

**Note that features such as sharing directly out of your folder and zip/unzip will not be available to everyone.

You can download files by clicking their name. You can use the tools at the bottom of the page to upload more files. With most browsers, you should also be able to drag and drop inside the window. If you need to upload very large files and get an error, you should an FTP client.

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