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Connect to servers from within

Our Class Shares and Home folders are mounted automatically in our labs.

If you are connecting from anywhere else besides CDA labs, it's best to use our web interface or an FTP client as the instructions below might not work. FTP setup instructions are on this page.

If you want to connect to CDA's main file server manually, try the following addresses or read below for more info:

Our file server is called CDA-Goliath if you are browsing the network but it also has the more common name

CDA-Goliath has an IP address of

Switch to the Finder by clicking on the desktop. The Finder name will appear in the top left corner of your screen. Choose "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" menu. Then as a server address, you would type smb://cda-goliath or if that doesn't work type smb:// or smb:// then enter your CDA account username and password.

If you are connecting from a CDA lab using a PC you can type "\\cda-goliath" or "\\" without the quotes into the address bar of any window.

Web Server
Our web server is called
To set up your web page you must put your index.html file inside your public_html folder which located in your Home folder. Your web address will be

A "Connect to Server" dialog box will appear and you can type in the server address or choose one of the favorite servers available to you. The current file server named CDA-Goliath is a Windows server so it's best to connect through SMB so you can have long file names supported.

Once you click "Connect" you may get the next dialog box asking for your username and password so enter them here. If you're connecting through SMB, then it shouldn't ask you for that information. If it asks you for a domain or workgroup name, put CDAAD there. 

Select the share you want to connect to from the pop up menu. Depending on your privileges, you may not be able to mount all shares that are displayed.

When mounting the Home share for example, the desktop should look like the picture below (left). You should also see your home folder in the Dock (bottom right picture with red arrow).

**Remember though to never open files directly on the server. That means copy files from your Home folder located on the server to your desktop. If you don't, disaster will strike and you will be sad/mad. Just remember to upload your new files to the server when finished as the desktops of every machine are cleaned automatically every night. Also, putting your stuff inside class shares or passing files to your friends counts towards your quota, so delete any unnecessary files from the server.

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