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Accessing public folders on Outlook for Mac

You will first need to be given permission to view the public folders. Contact your IT desktop support team to ask for permission. It may take up to 24 hours for permissions to take effect. Then you can proceed with the instructions below.

1. Open/launch Microsoft Outlook and the first thing is to select "Conctacts" (#1 in the image below). Then select the Tools tab (#2 in the image below).


2. Once you are in the tools tab, select the "Public Folders" icon and a small Folder Browser window will pop up. Select Fine Arts (#3 in the image below). It may take a while to see the various departments if it's your first time accessing the public folders.

outlook public folders 2


3. You can now select your areas folder such as the Office of the Dean folder and subscribe (little green button with the plus symbol) to the entire folder or just some items inside it separately (#4 in image below).

outlook public folders 3


4. Once you subscribe to a contact list, and have Contacts selected, it will show up in your navigation sidebar as Subscribed Public Folders (#5 in the image below). Make sure you select the checkboxes of the items you want to view.

outlook public folders 3a


6. At the end, make sure you click on the Home tab again so you can see your usual icons for sending and receiving email.


outlook public folders 4




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