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Connect to our servers using FTP

Instructions for students to connect from a Mac or PC to Home folder or Class Shares

The easiest way to connect to our FTP server (your Home folder or Class Shares) is by using your favorite web browser and going to The instructions below is for FTP clients (programs) you have installed on your own computer.

The following assumes you have an active CDA account.

The following instructions will work whether you are on a Mac or Windows PC.

How to transfer your files using an FTP client (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is just another way to transfer files). You should use FTP clients like Cyberduck, Filezilla, Transmit, etc. Some are free and work well.

FTP connection settings 

Host address:
**With some FTP clients the address needs to be prefixed with the protocol, e.g. s**
username: your_username
password: your_password

SFTP Port 222 (This is not the same as FTPS, so please choose SFTP)
FTPS with implicit SSL Port 990 (This is not the same as SFTP above, so please choose FTPS)

The port number is crucial, so don't forget to change it in your FTP client.

**Plain FTP using port 21 is blocked and will not work**

**Note for Cyberduck users: there is an issue that affects uploading files to certain shares, where it tries to apply permissions in such a way that causes an error to appear. To resolve this, go to Cyberduck's Preferences window (accessible via the "Cyberduck" menu), the Transfers section and the Permissions tab, and uncheck "Change permissions" in the Uploads section.

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