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Class Shares Folder Permissions

How to set permissions on folders from a Windows PC

This only works from PCs in the CDA labs

Also Important, do not use the deny checkboxes if possible, they should only be used as a last resort. Just remove or add the individuals from the list instead.

When creating any sub folder, permissions are inherited from the parent folder.

For Class Shares:
Let's use the dart221_pata folder as an example. From a Windows PC (not a Macintosh) located inside CDA labs, go to Class_Shares and find the folder you have full control over. When we create your class folder, we always give the teacher full control.

Right click on the folder and choose Properties from the contextual menu.

In the security pane of the resulting dialog box, you will see the list of users and their corresponding permissions below.

By default the permissions on class folders for Authenticated Users (faculty, students) is read only. Read only allows them to download files but they are not able to write or put files there.

When we create a class folder, we add the teacher and give them full control. What that means is that you can assign permissions to everyone (Authenticated Users) or to just a few individuals (you'll need their username).

If you click the add button you will be presented with the dialog box below. All that's needed now is to type a user name in the "Enter the Object names to select" field and then click check names. If they have an account with CDA, their login name will appear underlined like the picture below. You then click the OK button and they'll appear in the Group or user names section like in the picture above. Select their name and assign permissions as you see fit.

****Adding users is easy, but you may wish to remove permissions in order to have a more private folder. For this, you should:

1. click the advanced button

2. Deselect the Allow inheritable permissions from parent.... check box

3. choose Copy to keep current permissions

4. click ok to get rid of the advanced dialog box

5. remove any desired permissions

**** Moving files retains their original permissions, but copying files removes the previous permissions and inherits the parent folders permissions.

**** Giving students write and read permissions will enable them to download and upload files but they won't be able to delete files.

**** Giving students read, write and modify permissions will enable them to download, upload and delete files.

**** Giving them full control will enable them to do everything including setting permissions for others.

CDA will not initially set the permissions so that all authenticated users will have full control or modify permissions. If this is desired, please email so we have a record that you asked for it. We do not recommend it however, as people sometimes make mistakes and trash everything.

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