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Set up your website

****Very important**** Always copy files to your public_html folder so that they inherit the permissions of the parent folder (public_html). Moving files will make them retain their original permissions and not inherit the web user permissions they need to be viewable in a browser.

You can use CDA-Goliath aka to host your website. There is a public_html folder inside your Home folder and also inside the Class Share folder (for teachers) where your website files are stored.

From anywhere in the world, you should use an FTP client to connect to your Home folder or Class Shares. The host name you want to connect to is Your username and password are the ones you gave us when setting up your CDA account on to access the lab computers. There is more information about FTP on this page.

FTP connection settings 

Host address:
username: your_username 
password: your_password

SFTP Port 222
FTP with implicit SSL Port 990 (FTPS)
Plain FTP using port 21 is blocked and will not work
The port number is crutial, so don't forget to change it in your FTP client.

There is also a web interface for FTP here:

The address to the web page after you upload it to your personal Home folder is

If you are uploading stuff to a Class Shares folder, the address would be:

Place your index.html file into your public_html folder located in your Home folder.

If your main page is titled 'index.html' then your web-address if hosted inside your Home folder will be :
If your main page is titled anything else your address will be :

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