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Office computer guidelines

By Marcello Rodi

Administrative Rights:

On CDA-supported machines, users will be regular users and not administrators of their computers. Unfortunately we live in an age where one can click on something on a web page and allow a cracker to take over their system.

CDA will gladly install software for you and customize your desktop as you wish, for a more personalized, enjoyable end user experience.


CDA has a modest backup system and therefore cannot backup your entire computer. CDA makes every effort to backup your emails, desktop and Documents folder. If you move files outside these locations, they will not be backed up. MP3s, videos and pictures are also not backed up. In order to be backed up, you need to be on CDA's administration list, on the Concordia network and your computer must be turned on. Those on the Videotron or other network will not be backed up.

Our backup system stores your files for about 6 months and you can retrieve your own files from your desktop. Just open a ticket with us if you need to know how to do it.

Email Client:

We only support Microsoft Outlook as an email client. You can use something else, but CDA staff will not be able to assist you if something goes wrong.

Operating Systems:

CDA supports the Windows and Macintosh platforms on computers for office use. We do not support dual or triple boot systems.


IITS (Concordia's central IT group)  is responsible for supporting issues related to:

  • Financial Services
  • Student Information System
  • Student Hub 
  • Carrefour
  • Printers & photocopiers (DPrint)
  • Student registration
  • Requests for IP addresses
  • Wireless and wired network

IITS can be reached by calling ext. 7613, emailing, or by visiting the Service Desk in room H-925.

University-owned Equipment:

CDA only supports machines owned by Concordia, and are located on campus. These computers should have a Concordia Asset Tag associated to them. We cannot help you with your home computer.


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