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Centrally funded computers for staff

By Marcello Rodi

General principles 
  • Computers 5 years old or greater are eligible for refresh
  • A computer is allocated to a position to assist an employee in the fulfilling the requirements of that position.  The computer therefore remains with the position if an employee leaves the position.
  • Replaced computers, those 5 years old or greater, return to CDA for redeployment to positions that are ineligible for new centrally funded computers. Priority is given to technicians or professionals, LTAs, part-time faculty offices and student groups in that order.
Position Eligibility

Eligibility is automatic for full-time administrative, technical (permanent) employees that require a dedicated computer. This includes faculty members in an administrative position working out of the Dean's office, a department Chair or an Associate Dean. 

Discretionary eligibility for permanent or contractual part-time positions, working at least 60% of the year, and requiring a dedicated computer. 


An incoming Dean, Chair, or Associate Dean can be allocated a new computer if:

  1. the existing position computer is 3 years old or greater
  2. or the existing computer does not suit the working profile of the new incumbent (examples - Windows versus Mac computer, portability requirement).

An outgoing Dean, Chair, or Associate Dean may be allowed to take the position computer to another Fine Arts position if the computer is 5 years old or greater.

Not eligible

Full-time faculty are expected to fund their own computers with their research or PDA funds. Part-time employees that do not make up 60% of a full-time position are also not eligible. 

Request a computer

If there is a new position or feel that one was overlooked, complete the Computer Request form and contact CDA to let them know.

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