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View the DCART year-end exhibition online

April 27, 2020


In.finite, the 2020 year-end undergraduate exhibition for the department of Design and Computation Arts, is now online.

The year-end show is an exciting opportunity to exhibit students' work, and this year COVID-19 prompted a unique challenge to finding an alternate platform to showcase the talents of Concordia's Design and Computation Arts students. Together, the organizers of in.finite have created a digital home for this incredible collection of artworks and experiences, that can be appreciated from anywhere. While we can’t replace the camaraderie of a physical exhibition, discovering the works virtually is a way to support and learn from a wide range of artists and designers, during a time when we could all use a little more connection.
In.finite brings Design and Computation Arts together to put forward their strongest work while revealing the creative process that is typically hidden. This collection of work invites the creators and viewers to question what defines a finished work, and whether or not a project is ever truly finished. In.finite is a virtual exhibition that asks us to reimagine and iterate upon existing works, concepts, and ideas, as well as the roles designers and artists have in influencing what to come.


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