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A Dream. A Boy. A Horse. A Mirror. by Dr. Rebecca Duclos

Experimental text featured in Alpine Signals: Thomas Kneubühler

Dr. Rebecca Duclos, "A Dream. A Boy. A Horse. A Mirror." In Alpine Signals: Thomas Kneubühler. Vienna: VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2021.


Thomas Kneubühler’s photographs in Alpine Signals document twenty six cell phone towers in the Engadin, a high valley in the south east part of Switzerland. The publication challenges romantic images of the Alps by focusing on “unsightly” towers that exist, like so many fake trees, within the verdant landscape. Along with Swiss author, Romana Ganzoni, Dr. Duclos produced an experimental text for Alpine Signals wherein she visits the mountain region (and meet the photographer himself) as if in a dream. The piece is actually two parallel texts in conversation with one another: a dream state narrative with accompanying “footnotes” that reflects on the paradox of images and encounters which are at once sublime and banal.


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