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Call for application: Join the Hypotheses Team

March 21, 2024

The Hypotheses team, a bilingual lecture series by and for graduate students in art history, is looking for its new team for the 2024/2025 academic year!

Hypothèses is an inter-university association run by a volunteer team of master's and doctoral students in Art history at Concordia, McGill, UdeM and UQÀM. Members of all four universities are encouraged to apply to form a team as diverse as possible.

Its members will be responsible for organizing six conferences a year, and for coordinating various tasks as a team, such as: selecting and programming the conferences and the Annexes podcast, funding applications and their follow-up, e-mail communications, social media feeds, conference logistics, renewing the partnership with the host venue (La Guilde). It is preferable, but not mandatory, to be able to maintain a commitment for two consecutive years.

The available positions are as follows:

● Communications coordinator

● Finance coordinator

● General coordinator

● Podcast coordinator [Annexes]

● Podcast host

Rather than applying for a specific position, we encourage students to submit a general application and jointly decide on positions according to their preferences.

If interested, please fill in this form.

Application deadline: APRIL 15, 2024

If you have any questions, please contact the Hypotheses team at:

Hypotheses is committed to creating a safe and diverse work environment. All interested students are invited to apply and will be considered without regard to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

About Hypotheses:

Hypothèses is a bilingual lecture series in art history, organized by and for graduate students from the four Montreal universities (Concordia, McGill, UdeM, UQÀM). For the past 12 years, its aim has been to stimulate and disseminate emerging research in the discipline. The Hypothèses format aims above all to encourage encounters and debate between researchers. It seeks to be a federating platform for discussion and reflection, fostering interaction between academics, museums and the general public.

Each session offers two Master's or PhD panelists the opportunity to present their research for 20 minutes, followed by a discussion and question period, generally moderated by a professor from one of the four universities. The lectures take place six times a year - three in autumn and three in winter – on Wednesdays, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The gallery La Guilde, Hypothèses' partner institution, has been hosting the lectures since 2022.

For the past four years, Hypothèses has also been producing a bilingual podcast series called Annexes. It invites young researchers to reflect on the discipline of art history and to popularize their research for a wider audience. Each 50-minute episode brings together two students to discuss the themes and methodologies structuring their dissertation or thesis; the relevance of graduate studies in art history; and the social and political stakes of research in the field of the arts.

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