Two Art History students receive the 2021 Elspeth McConnell Fine Arts Award

July 12, 2021

Wanessa Cardoso de Sousa (MA, Art History) and Joia Duskic (BFA, Art History) are the recipients of the 2021 Elspeth McConnell Fine Arts Award. This prize gives the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Fine Arts to create their own internship project with a non-profit organization of their choice.

Wanessa will conduct an oral history project with the Atwater Library and Computer Centre (ALCC) members to discuss the affective relationships between people and books. Through interviews, the project will provide ALCC members with a platform to share their stories of two essential books in their lives, one from the Atwater Library and one from their own collection.

Joia’s internship will take place at the Fonderie Darling. Her project will study the accessibility practices of the gallery’s summer programming and produce a report on the efficacy of the mediation, public activities and workshops organized.

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