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The Jerusalem Art History Journal (vol 5) Now Online

An Undergraduate eJournal
By Dr. Loren Lerner


The Jerusalem Art History Journal: An Undergraduate eJournal (volume 5) is now online.

The Jerusalem course considers different attachments to Jerusalem through visual perceptions and artistic representations at the religious, social and political levels. Its focus is on the multifaceted narratives, allegiances, and ideas of the city's history covering ancient times, the Roman and Byzantine periods, the Arab, Crusader and Mamluk periods, and the years under Ottoman, British Mandate, Jordan/Israeli and Israeli rule. Of central importance is the visual imagery of the real and imagined Jerusalem in the art and architecture created by different communities over thousands of years.

The journal contains papers about the art, architecture, archaeological sites, and urban spaces of Jerusalem and works of art by student artists, reflecting responses to this ancient city as a site of major world religions, competing histories, and diverse socio-political perspectives. For this volume the student selected one or more works to investigate from the collections at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, or the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition at the Palestine Museum in Birzeit. The students had the choice of writing an essay or creating a work of art accompanied by an explanatory text.

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