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Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling - Fall Events

Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling & the Acts of Listening Lab /

Le Centre d’histoire orale et de récits numérisés et le Laboratoire des actes d’écoute

Listening on Behalf of Feminist Futures /

L’Écoute pour les avenirs féministes



SEPT 25 12-:00-14:00
* Introduction à l’histoire orale (en français)
Emma Haraké, Coordinatrice du CHORN

SEPT 28 - OCT 4
Indigenous Artist Residency at the ALLab – details TBA
Emily Monet & Waira, Artists in residence

OCT 1 12:00 -14:00
* A Powerful Wind on Turtle Island: Narratives of the Afro Indigenous Experience in the Americas (in English)
Alicia Aroche, COHDS affiliate and documentary filmmaker

OCT 2 12:00-14:00
Mapping African Nova Scotian Migration and Settlement, 1881-1930 (in English)
Dr Claudine Bonner, Acadia University, COHDS Visiting Scholar

OCT 9 12:00-14:00, ALLab
Paisajes y Retratos Sonoros del Occidente de Mexico/ Paysages et portraits sonores de l’ouest du Mexique, presentation/installation vidéo (en français & espagnol, English as requested)
Géraldine Equilez, musicienne & compositrice

OCT 11 17:00-20:00
* Listening Table with Sevita Shah – by RSVP only (in English)
Rajni Shah, Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow at the ALLab

OCT 14-17 9:00-17:00, Concordia’s 4th Space
(Webster Library Building, ground floor)
daily | tous les jours.
Collaboration between COHDS, the Institute for Urban Futures, and Concordia’s 4th Space: Installation of work by artist Anna Birch

OCT 15 12:00-14:00, Concordia’s 4th Space
(Webster Library Building, ground floor)
* Feminist Performance Creation, Digital Storytelling, and the City (in English)
Artist talk by Anna Birch

OCT 16
Special lecture on Indigenous oral tradition and oral history
Details TBA

OCT 18 12:00-14:00, ALLab
Introduction to Sound Recording (in English)
Vitalyi Bulychev, COHDS Lab Coordinator

OCT 21 – 25, ALLab
Listening to Disability (in English)
Details TBA
Zoé Bailly, ALLab research assistant

OCT 25, ALLab, TBC
Introduction to ALLab Technologies (sound, video, and lighting) (in English)
Marie Jou Constales, Caite Clark

OCT 30
Special lecture on Indigenous oral tradition and oral history
Details TBA

NOV 1 17:00-20:00
* Listening Table with Eldad Tsabary
by RSVP only - details TBA
Rajni Shah, Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow, ALLab

Special lecture on Indigenous oral tradition and oral history - details TBA

Special lecture on Indigenous oral tradition and oral history - details TBA

NOV 4-7 9:00-18:30, ALLab & Concordia conference centre
International Symposium: Listening, Performance, and Conflict - details TBA
This event is co-sponsored by the Centre for Sensory Studies at Concordia

NOV 8 10:00-13:00, ALLab
Deep Listening Workshop (in English)
Anne Bourne & Yuliya Kondratenko

NOV 12 10:00-12:00, ALLab
South Africa’s Human Rights Media Centre (in English)
Teleconference with former anti-apartheid activist and member of the African National Congress, Shirley Gunn

NOV 15 9:00 – 17:00
HISTORY AND MEMORY: A Journée d’étude to mark the retirement of Ronald Rudin

NOV 27 18:00-20:00
* Collaborative Video Making with Young Women in Ethiopia: Exchanging Ideas on Collaborative Arts-Based Community Work (in English)
Dr Leila Qashu, COHDS core affiliate

DEC 6 12:00-14:00
* Stories of Migration: Listening to Women’s Life Narratives (in English)
Round table: Barbara Lorenzkowski, Sonia Dhaliwal, Eleni Polychronakos, Amanda Whittaker

DEC 9 12:00-14:00, ALLab
Entangled Violence and Forest Experiences of War in Colombia (in English)
Luis Sotelo Castro, COHDS Co-Director & Canada Research Chair in Oral History Performance

DEC 10 18:00-19:00 (TBC), ALLab
A Community Choir: Colombians in Exile (in Spanish)
Dr Daniel Ruiz-Serna, Postdoctoral fellow, ALLab

*Children welcome | *Les enfants sont les bienvenus.


COHDS is part of Concordia University and is located in the LB (Webster Library) building, 1400 De Maisonneuve W., 10th floor. Most of our events take place in LB 1019, unless otherwise noted. The Acts of Listening Lab (ALLab) is located within COHDS, and is accessible via LB 1042. All of COHDS is wheelchair accessible.

COHDS’s events are free and open to all but please note that seats are limited! To register, visit or contact us at: / 514 848-2424 ext. 5465.

For more information about a specific event, please visit our website ( and facebook pages ( closer to the date. We will update these pages as soon as we have the details ourselves!


Le CHORN fait partie de l’Université Concordia. Vous pouvez nous trouver au pavillon LB (Bibliothèque Webster), 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd Ouest, 10e étage. La plupart de nos événements se déroulent dans le LB 1019, sauf indication contraire. Le Laboratoire des actes d’écoute (ALLab) est situé dans le CHORN et se trouve via LB 1042. Tous les espaces du CHORN sont accessibles aux fauteuils roulants.

Les événements du CHORN sont gratuits et tout le monde est bienvenu.e, mais les places sont limités! Pour vous inscrire, veuillez nous visiter ici: ou nous contacter à: / 514 848-2424 poste 5465.

Pour plus d’informations sur un événement spécifique, veuillez visiter notre site Web ( et notre page Facebook ( plus proches de la date. Nous mettrons à jour ces pages dès que nous aurons les détails nous-mêmes!

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