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Kristina Huneault named new Associate Dean of Faculty Relations and Inclusion

June 22, 2020
By Andy Murdoch

Professor Kristina Huneault will start work in a long-anticipated new position as the Associate Dean of Faculty Relations and Inclusion, on July 1.

Huneault is Professor of Art History, a former Concordia University Research Chair, a founder of the Canadian Women Artists History Initiative and a mother.

“Over the years, I have often been struck by the personal kindness, professional respect, and collaborative spirit of my peers,” says Huneault. “I have benefitted from tremendous mentorship and support, both within my department and from the Dean's office.”

“This is an opportunity to pay that debt forward. I look forward to building that kind of experience for others too."  

She will frequently advise department chairs, faculty and the dean on the implementation of collective agreements, develop policy relating to workload, and work with CUFA, CUPFA and TRAC.

“Without question, Kristina’s thorough knowledge of university policies and protocols, her collaborative nature, her interest in creating a generous work environment, her process-oriented, methodical outlook—as well as her clear interest in developing more inclusive and supportive practices across the board in the Faculty—made her the wonderful colleague for this role,” says Duclos.

Focus on Equity and Diversity Strategic Planning and implementation

Huneault, and the new Dean, Annie Gérin, will put a significant focus of the position on Equity and Diversity Strategic Planning and implementation. She will play a key role in translating University goals related to equity, diversity and inclusion into actionable practice at the Faculty-level, says Duclos.

The commitment of this Faculty to change is evidenced in part by recent hiring practices, where over half of the tenure-track hires over the last five years in the Faculty of Fine Arts, are Black, Indigenous or People of Colour. All nine of the recent full-time appointments made in the Faculty who will be joining the university this year will contribute to an increased representation of equity-seeking groups within the professorial corps.

“This is a significant achievement,” says Gérin “but there is still much more to do. Kristina and I are both dedicated to continuing this work and supporting our fine arts faculty to create a thriving, productive, inclusive and diverse working environment.”  

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