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Small price, big screen: Three Montreal cinemas offer discount tickets for Concordia students

February 15, 2019
By Andy Murdoch The entrance to Cinema du Musée is at 1379 Sherbrooke St., just under the stairs to the old museum building.

Forget about watching feature films on your laptop – or worse, on your phone. The Faculty of Fine Arts is helping Concordia students watch movies the way they should be seen—back on the big screen!

Through a new partnership with three Montreal cinemas cheaper movie-going for all Concordia students is now a reality.

Effective February 14, Concordia students enjoy a 25% discount off the $13 price tag of a regular admission ticket at the Cinema du Musée, Cinema du Parc and Cinema Beaubien. A regular ticket will now cost $9.75 (tax included) with the presentation of a current Concordia student ID card.

“With the opening of the newest Cinema du Musée just a 5 minute walk from campus, we can disappear into the darkness and remind ourselves of other worlds and ways of seeing,” says Rebecca Duclos, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. “Our students work hard. Two hours of joy with popcorn in hand is exactly what we all need!”

Just at the top of Bishop at Sherbrooke, the Cinema du Musée opened in September in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It also has a great café on site. You can sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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