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Senate approved the new CZEBS

October 6, 2014

Based on the recent successes by SBRN and SNEBRN research initiatives which resulted in about $14 M of funding flowing through Concordia (2005-2016), and the long history of the CBS, the University has approved in January 2012 the creation of a new research unit – CZEBS. The Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (CZEBS) is founded by Drs. AthienitisFazioStathopoulos and Zmeureanu. Senate approved the new Centre. The centre forms a node of NSERC Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network (SNEBRN), led by Dr. Athienitis and funded by NSERC by about $5M, for 2011-2016, in addition to $2M from partners.

CZEBS participants Front row: Lyne Dee, Project Administrative Coordinator, Dr. Paul Fazio, Neetha Vasan (MASc student), Caroline Hachem (Postdoctoral Fellow). Back row: Dr. Jiwu Rao (research associate) and Drs. Radu Zmeureanu, Andreas Athienitis and Ted Stathopoulos.

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